VISA Assistance

Your Dream Visa at Your Finger Tips


Most people will claim that no one can guarantee you a visa and that no matter how hard you try, your faith is in the hands of the consular officer. do no submit to such ideologies. your dreams are too valuable and need to be achieved, not placed at the mercy of chance. With our expertise and experience, you stand a chance. we thoroughly evaluate your situation and determine your chances of success for a visa before we proceed. We are not just interested in serving or collecting your money but also in making sure we can deliver what you expect, a visa. If we determine that your chances are too low, we tell you upfront and you can either give up or take a leap of faith. but if after our initial assessment we determine your chances to be high, we guarantee you will get a visa. more than 90% of our clients get a visa upon first attempt. 8% get a visa after an appeal and only 2% fail. Whatever the outcome is, our initial evaluation is always 100% accurate and it is left for the client to proceed or not.