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All documents we offer are real in the sense that they are between 99.98 to 100% exact replicas of the documents issued by the official issuer. We use the terms “real” and “fake” to differentiate between documents that are database registered and those that are NOT database registered. For example, the only difference between a real passport and a fake passport is that the real passport is registered on the immigration database while a fake passport is NOT registered in the immigration database. Apart from that, no other difference can be seen in terms of quality and resemblance to immigration issued passports. Both of them will pass all physical and security verification tests. But when it comes to database verification tests, only a real passport will return valid results when checked against the corresponding database. A fake passport will fail database verification tests since it is NOT registered on any database. More information about this can be found on the page Differences Between Real and Fake Documents. If you’re not yet sure whether to go for a real or fake document, please take time to read, understand and know the difference. Note that whether real or fake, all our documents are very helpful; all that matters is how, where and when you want to use them.