Difference Between Real and Fake Documents



The common confusion is that everyone knows what a real document is, but do not understand why a real document should be issued by another party different from the official issuer. Some people wonder why someone who has the ability to issue real documents will actually issue fake documents. Some wonder why they should go for a fake document when the real deal is also available. Some wonder whether fake documents are of any use.

Real Documents Are 99.98% to 100% Exact Replicas

You read that right. It is impossible even for a trained eye to tell any difference between the documents we issue and the ones you get from official sources. For example the drivers’ license we issue are 100% exact replicas of those issued by the Division of Driver’s License (or whatever it is called in your state or country).

Real Documents Pass All Genuineness Tests

True, because they are made using the same cutting edge technologies, software, printers, various types of high quality ink, high quality security papers, that are used by the corresponding official document issuers.

This means our real documents will pass verification through

  • weighing
  • touching
  • bending
  • folding
  • examination under various natural/UV lights
  • examination of special design features
  • examination of security features, etc

Real Documents Have All Required Security Features

Security Features Replicated in Real Documents

  • True watermarks
  • Simulated watermarks
  • Intaglio printing
  • Geometric lathe work
  • Microprinting
  • Optically variable ink
  • Holograms
  • Security threads
  • Magnetic ink
  • Serial numbers

Real Documents Are Database Registered

The only difference between real documents and fake documents is that real documents are registered in their corresponding databases while fake documents are not. That’s the only difference. This means that if you get a fake passport from us and go to a location like the security terminal of an airport where the document needs to be checked, the person checking will not know it is fake simply by physical and scanning examination because the document will contain all textural, design and security features of a real passport. However, since the fake passport is NOT registered on the database of passports, when the passport number is checked on the computer linked to those databases it will not return a valid result.

All documents we offer are 100% replicas of officially issued documents because we use the same cutting edge equipments/technology and design templates that have been mimicked to match the official templates as much as 99.98%. We accurately replicate all design features and print on the same high quality paper that official document issuers use. We also accurately replicate security features such as holograms, 3D printing.

Fake Documents Are Exactly Like Real Documents…

As earlier explained, when it comes to physical examination and various genuineness tests, there is not difference between real and fake documents

… Except That Fake Documents Are NOT Registered

Yes! Fake documents look exactly the same as real documents. The only difference is that they are NOT database registered. So, it will be a bad idea to submit a fake document like a fake passport to a location such as an airport, where they have computers connected to databases for document verification. Do NOT try that.

Fake or Novelty? Fake Documents Are NOT Useless

The word “fake” does not mean useless. Some people prefer the word “novelty”. The simple reason we call some documents “fake” is because they are NOT registered in any official database. reason we

It is necessary to fully understand what “fake” means in the context of fake documents

  • “Fake” does not mean useless
  • “Fake” does not mean will fail genuineness examination
  • “Fake” does not mean low quality
  • “Fake” means it is NOT registered in the official databases of the document in question.


Good question! If a passport is NOT registered in the passports database, how do you use it? Same goes for driver’s license, ID cards, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, and other fake documents we issue. How helpful are they.

Basically you can use a fake document for any purpose you want as long as the person you are submitting the document to

wants the document just for formality
will not need to do any serious verification
does not have access to a database for database verification
will not be able to cancel any achieved purpose if they later check the document against a database and find out it does not exists.


There are endless possibilities and reasons when people choose to use fake documents and how they choose to do so.

  • Gaining access to a club if you’re under legal age
  • Buying alcohol and certain drugs if an age requirement is in play
  • presenting yourself as someone else especially online
  • passing KYC and AML verification
  • gaining access to places and services reserved for a group of people to which you do not belong.
  • If you’ve decided exactly which type of document you want, whether real or fake please contact us with your request and get a price quote.